Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Interruption

Sorry... Pardon the interruption. Many of your probably didn't realize I was gone for a few hours. Don't think I blocked you from reading or anything, no one was allowed in. I'm going through a bit of censorship right now. It's hard because I like to write what I think and feel, and yes, I enjoy your feedback... But I'm trying to find a balance because I love writing what I'm experiencing. And I'm not talking about last names, and addresses... I obviosuly don't post that... I don't think I've ever even mentioned my husband's name on my blog. It's more like "why did you say my butt looks cute?" And stuff like that...

And if someone wanted to hunt me down they could much more easily do it through my job than through my blog, as WAY more people see/ listen to/ read what I write, there. And I actually blog under my not-real-name.

I hate censorship, but I'm working on it.

In other news... I just got pulled over on the way home from work today. I supposedly ran a red light... It looked orange to me but whatever. I was already upset about this whole blog thing so I was ready to cry if I had to. I didn't want to be "that girl" though, so I saved the water works.

The officer pulled me over and asked for my license and registration. I played dumb as I fumbled through my glove compartment...

"Is this it?" I asked him.--It was.
"Where are you coming from?" He asked me... I knew this could be my ticket out of it.
"Work," I told him, already knowing the follow up question.
"Where do you work?"-- BINGO.
"News... [my news station name]" I'm anchoring tonight.
"Oh?" He questioned, and looked me over. "How is your driving record?"
"I've never gotten a ticket," I said proudly, hopefully he couldn't see my two other warnings.
"Ok, well if that checks out I'll just give you a warning." It did, and he did.

So yet again, what my husband calls my "celebrity status" got me off the hook. That's three warnings in two years. Still not tickets for me... *knock on wood.*