Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Website I LOVE!: And Swag Love

It's hard to find people who understand me. Especially people I normally associate myself with in day to day life.

Just last night I was downtown with a group of friends, listening to live music at a bar feeling like I was in a different world. I wasn't drinking, (not that it's THAT uncommon), and (no joke) really just thinking what I'd be doing right then if I had a kid.

It wasn't that way the entire night. I had fun. But it really wasn't ME. Not anymore at least. I'd had my spurts as a city girl, loving to be out all of the time. But really, I'm a homebody. And I think blogging has helped me find other homebodies like me who would sometimes prefer to be home watching a movie with their little family than spending a night out on the town.

For awhile I would browse the web and find adorable blogs I love with moms and their cute babies. Or women who were trying to have cute babies. And other stuff... I still do!

I'd also find websites geared towards moms, and keep hearing about all of this "mommy blogging" craze yea yea yea!! But what about women like ME?! Seriously, I know I'm not the only one out here who is THINKING about having a child but not TRYING to!

Maybe I'm one of the only ones who is very vocal about it. Hey... I don't mind. But it's nice to find information out there for us every now and then you know?

Well, a few months ago I found this website... and I fell in love. You may have seen their magazine, but their website is awesome too!

Finally a site for women preparing to be mothers, or trying to conceive. But what's better?--They recently started a free community for everyone to join called My Conceive. Kind of like a Myspace for a network of women... But no drama! haha. I've already found lots of advice from women and had a great time "meeting" people in the same shoes as me! There's a great forum with a plethora of advice, and a great place you can chat with other women about all things baby-makin.

If you're looking to have a child in the near future... First second, third, whatever, or are experiencing infertility I HIGHLY recommend joining their group. Lots of great resources! And even in you're private about your baby-makin' business, you can join and just read the forums. There's great words of advice and encouragement given to others and it helps!
I also have a blog there too called Ready or Not. Yes, it's sometimes hard to believe there's MORE I can write about on this topic but there is. It's something I've really become passionate and excited about. Just recently they interviewed me on their Conceive on-air radio show, about my planning and blogging... And more planning. You can listen to it here. But I'm not the only blogger for the website. There are several others who blog about their struggles with infertility, or trying "organic fertility practices" also, there are a few women who have gotten pregnant since blogging for Conceive and they're blogging about that experience too.

They were one of my sponsors for Blogher this year and I had so much fun going around and telling people about them and my blog. They even gave me goodies to share like pens and hand sanitizers and things like that with the Conceive logo on it and I saved some for you. Oh, there's a back massager too (get your man to use that on you!) It also comes in a nice carrying bag I think is great for the pool or beach, or even as a makeup bag! I've also throw in some yummy Bellybars (I'll be telling you more about them soon) and two baby headbands made by ME! The bonus is a pregnancy test!! Woohoo! Hopefully it'll be the one to tell you good news (whatever you want that to be right now).

So let's call this the Conceive Goodie bag!!

Here's the list of what's in the prize:
A carrying bag from Conceive
A Conceive pen
A Conceive hand sanitizer bottle (great to keep in your purse and use whenever)
A Conceive back massager
A pregnancy test- I hope you get the answer you're looking for. I'm sending this with LUCK!
2 baby headbands made by ME!
2 Baby Needs Chocolate Bellybars (I eat these all the time, they're great for folic acid! and yummy)
(cute baby not included, that's an example of my headbands)

So if you're interested just leave a comment! If you follow leave 2!
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