Thursday, April 8, 2010

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound System

As we do the final 8 week countdown on our end until baby arrives, we're realizing that big items, like the car seat, and stroller need to be addressed. Ack. I'm waiting to go to the BabyTime Show (April 30-May 2nd) to go see a variety of strollers and see which one may be the best for us. Being able to speak with the stroller companies directly at the show is an amazing opportunity. I'll take pictures & be sure to update you on the collections of strollers that I see!

In the meantime, I thought I'd post about something I keep hearing about from all my girlfriends that already have babies. And most recently, at a recent baby shower I attended, each and every single Mom said that this was a "Must Have". Rarely have I heard such unanimous love for a product, so it got me intrigued.

It's the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound System. A little white noise machine. CUTE! If I didn't have the rave reviews from girlfriends, I likely would have overlooked this, but I kept hearing such AMAZING things, so I've added it to my Gift Registry as a "must have". If all of the Moms I know love it (not one said that it wasn't useful) then it obviously is a life saver! And, you can hook up your MP3 player to it, which won my husband over for the tech component! :)

$59.99 Online and in-store at Dear-Born Baby

Thought you'd like the little tip, as if I didn't have 10 Moms telling me it was awesome, I likely, as mentioned, would have overlooked this product. :)