Tuesday, October 5, 2010

GAP Model in the Making?

Lil' J loves to pose for the camera and I love to take pictures of her, so we're quite the team.

GAP is having a casting call for baby and kid GAP models. I went over to my friend/ photographer Tara's house to take some of her 3 month photos today and I decided to snap a few myself while I was there (I don't think they allow professional photos).
jayda 3 months 333
Here's some tips I've learned for taking pictures of my baby:

1. Natural lighting is best: I take photos outside, but in the shade so the sunlight brightens up the pictures. That way you don't need the flash on your camera. It looks nicer and they're almost never blurry!
2. Get real silly: I blow kisses and make faces at Lil' J to get her to smile.
jayda 3 months 180
3. Get their attention: Babies love to make eye contact so I get down on her level to get her to look in my direction--The direction of the camera.
4. Have food nearby: Lil' J is happiest after she eats, and she likes to eat whenever I offer, so sometimes we'll have nursing breaks, and she's nice and stuffed after, willing to give me big smiles. I imagine it's similar with big kids.
5. Know when to stop: Lil' J loves taking pictures but she, like anyone else has her breaking point. I take a break and come back after a nap. (photo shoots wear her out).
Lil' J GAP Model
So how do you think I did? Not bad right? Maybe she's a GAP model in the making?

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*Thanks GAP for sponsoring this giveaway!