Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil' J is a Baby Einstein: New Discovery Kits!

The first time I heard about Baby Einsteins I was a teenager and babysitting for a woman at my church. She asked me to play it if we were going to have the TV on.

I'm not sure if back then people thought these movies would make babies smarter or something, but the name sorta implies that at first.

I didn't think I'd be one of "those moms" who experiments with baby DVDs with her child but here I am!

A friend of mine gave me her baby Einstein movies since her baby is older now and Lil' J watched them for a little while on my computer screen. This was about a month ago. I put them away and didn't think much else about them until I was sent these new Baby Einstein Discovery Kits to try!
These are cool because each kit is a different "level" with different things to experience. We got Level 1 "Experience": Baby Mozart, which comes with a DVD, a CD with the tunes from the DVD and a book with some of the images from the movie. Level 2 "Explore": Which also came with a DVD, a CD and flash cards. And Level 3 "Expression": Which came with a DVD, a CD and book.

Each property of each kit coincides together so it's like a continuous lesson.The second and third lessons are more advanced for Lil' J to understand right now but she sure loves all the stuff! She likes the movies and actually gets "zoned in" to them, and now when we play the music in her room upstairs, or if I play it on my computer I can see her stop what she's doing and sorta look around like "I know that song!"

Ok, so we were watching one of the movies yesterday and I had to take a quick video of her watching it so you can see how entertained she is by it. Her little face watches the penguins run back and forth on the screen, it's cute!

You can see for a second she gets bored and looks away but just then the screen flashes and something else starts happening. It's almost like it's timed perfectly to her attention span.

What I like about these is it's not just one of those "sit your kids in front of the TV and let this teach them" kind of things. The book and cards that go along with it make it fun to take the lesson away from the TV and have a little learning time together. I like to try to do this anyway with our own books and toys but this is a fun way to make learning with her well-rounded. Oh, and I love that it uses words in English, French and Spanish, so I'm learning too!

These are new and a neat gift idea for Christmas!

Everyone who comments on this post before next Friday December 3rd will be entered to win 3 Baby Einstein Discovery kits! Blog followers get an extra entry. will choose the winner. Good luck!

*I received a free sample of Baby Einstein’s Discovery Kit to test for this review and giveaway, which is part of a sponsored program through the BabyCenter Blog Network.”