Sunday, December 19, 2010

My (not so) Secret Cheese Dip Recipe: What I'm Makin Monday

I'm not a cook by any means, but I'm learning ok?

So when I offered to help out with some snacks for a friend's baby shower I was reluctant to choose anything I'd have to make.

I read off the list of my options to a friend at work.

"Fruit or veggie platter, chips and queso, cake..."

My friend suggested I take the the chips and queso because it's not hard to make, and it's inexpensive.

At first I was intimidated by the idea of making something myself, but she told me a secret recipe with only two ingredients: Velveeta cheese and two cans of Rotel.
GENIUS. I thought. I'd make this yummy dip and everyone would think I spent an hour slaving by hand to make it so tasty *evil laugh*.

Little did I know my secret recipe wasn't so secret after all. In fact, the husband of the mama-to-be made that very same cheese dip when we visited them days before the shower.

Then at the shower, when I was running late and resorted to making the cheese dip at the party, all the ladies oohed and aahhed about it being their favorite way to make a sauce for chips.
So, it may not be top secret, in fact, I believe I saw the very recipe on the side of the Rotel can. But I still got to feel like a cook for 30 seconds, nonetheless.
My beautiful friend and mama-to-be!
I'm going to work on cooking more next year. I say this every year but I'm REALLY going to work on it this time! I have a game plan. I'll decide what I'm making, give my husband a grocery list, and he'll buy the stuff I need while I'm at work. Then I'll cook when I get home. Finding the ingredients at the store is half my battle. So maybe if I make him do that part I can conquer the kitchen.

Another challenge for me is finding recipes I like and can understand. I'm going to resubscribe to E-Mealz and pull your submitted recipes from here (link also now in my sidebar). If When I make it, I'll link to your shared recipe. It's my effort to be more domestic, and to eat better. Thanks for your help!

What did you make? Link up!

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