Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cleaning up the Linen Closet

When we were away on our vacation in December we had Brett's brother Sean do a few things in our house. One of the tasks we had him do was to rip out our old linen closet that had drawers that did not slide properly and install a new shelving system.

When we got back from Cuba before I had a chance to put all our linens back properly, I got sick so Brett put everything back in the cupboard in a haphazard way as you can see below.

It was not too pretty and it was hard to find things. This past weekend I had had enough (and I had time)so I got to work tidying up the cupboard. It actually did not take very long to get everything back in its place. Now it is easy to find what we need and it looks much nicer. This is especially important as we don't have our new closet doors installed yet. Here is a picture of our newly tidied linen closet.

I am looking forward to the installation of the new doors and for now, the closet is off limits to all but me!