Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Birth Stories and Bellybars: Blogher Road Trip

We are back on the road again. Yesterday was a blast, we ordered food and chatted about our lives. It was nice getting to know these ladies even more. We were quoting movies and laughing our heads off about wedding stories, the funniest thing is we were so loud. Hotel management came up to our room to tell us people were complaining we were too loud. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just call but whatever.

As we were falling asleep we got on the topic of worst fears. Mine, without a doubt being spiders, and MyBrownBaby feels the same. Wifey and Chatterbox have weird fears if you ask me. Chatterbox is afraid of mascots and people who don’t talk at haunted houses and fairs and Wifey is afraid of pigeons of all things! She even told me she almost left her kid in his stroller to be taken away by them when they got too close.
They’ve all been married longer than I have, and as they shared stories of their lives it made me realize just because you’re together longer doesn’t mean you’ll always get closer, it’s something I’ll be working at forever.

This morning we got to McDonalds right before 10:30 and we really wanted breakfast. Wifey ordered first and the people there switched the signs to the lunch menu before the rest of us ordered. I don’t really understand that--30 second after 10:30 it’s time for lunch. That’s way too early for lunch. They almost didn’t let us get breakfast but luckily they hooked us up with some biscuits.

After that and a few Zzzs on my part, I started asking them about their labor stories. All of them told me they were not playin’ and went with the epidural. Wifey had a couple of false alarms before the real thing, and the night she was going into labor she didn’t want to go to the hospital before she ate her Copelands for dinner. Chatterbox didn’t want to go until she was done watching Lost. She also said she went to an Italian restaurant that guaranteed the eggplant meal would put you into labor within 24 hours.—And it worked!! I’ll have to research this topic when I’m pregnant and see if there’s any place like this near me. You heard of anything like that?

Hearing their stories about being mothers makes me excited to be one. I in no way think it will be easy, but I am glad I’m going into it with my eyes wide open.
Oh, and you know how I’ve been taking prenatals? Well, I have for a couple of months because I heard it gives your body a chance to stock up on the nutrients you need before you get pregnant. Unfortunately I forgot to pack my vitamins for this trip, which isn’t a big deal since it’s just a week—But then I realized the Bellybars I’ve been eating are still giving me a lot of the vitamins in prenatal vitamins. I told you they were one of my sponsors, and if you’re following on Twitter you know I’ve been munching on the bars and chews this whole trip and I’ve been sharing them with the ladies I’m riding with.
I know some people at first may be thinking “isn’t that a pregnancy bar?” but it’s not! It’s a nutrition bar with vitamins important before, during and after pregnancy, and in my opinion they taste better than a lot of other snack bars, and it’s not like chocking down a huge vitamin everyday. So, if you’re pregnant, or like me and thinking of getting pregnant you should check these out! My favorite flavors are the citrus chews and the yogurt crunch bars (it’s in the blue box). I’ll be giving away some prize packs when I get back, and giving more details about these yummy snacks. Oh, and if you’re at Blogher come find me, I’m giving away some chocolate belly bars (among other things... Check this pile out I put together).As far as the blog conference, I am SO excited to meet all these women., we’re almost to Chicago so I’ll start to meet people today. I am a little worried I won’t know anyone else at the conference, or know the best way to make the most out of it, but I’m just excited to be here and learning as I go.

The mommy fact learned today: Switch boobs when you breastfeed, or pump out the other one after you feed from one to avoid uneven boob sizes. Believe it or not, I didn’t know that, though it makes sense.