Monday, July 27, 2009

The Blogrollers Goodbye: New Sisters

It wasn’t until I had gotten out of the car, grabbed my things, and turned to say goodbye that I realized what had formed. Not just a friendship that will be lost in time… A friendship—I think, will last for a lifetime.

In a short week I met, got to know, and fell in love with three wonderful women, all from different backgrounds, all with amazing talents. I learned valuable lessons from each of them, and took advice I’ll never forget.

As I walked toward my blood family, I felt as though I was leaving another part of my family behind. I confided in them about things I’ve never told another friend. After a matter of hours we felt comfortable enough to tease, and joke with one another. After a matter of days we shared delicate stories and formed a bond I hope won’t be broken.

I learned a lot at Blogher ’09: Ways to turn my blog into a published book, and ways to better write the way I’m feeling. I learned about marketing and advertising, and spreading the word about your brand. But most of all I learned more about the importance of life and relationships.

My eyes watered as I saw the way each of these women shared the pictures of their families. I nearly cried as I heard them telling their children when they were coming home, or as I saw the thoughtfulness they possessed for them. I smiled as I listened to them brag about their talents and witty ways. I felt a sting of envy when I heard their children pour the words “I love you” through the phone into their mother’s ears… And I loved witnessing every moment of it.

They called me “Youngin’” and sometimes picked on my inexperience and innocence, and joked that they were old enough to be my mother. But they treated me like a peer and we learned from each other.

I scanned their brains, and listened to their life experiences so I could learn from them, and think of how I’ll handle the situation if I’m ever faced with similar tests.

As I turned to hug my overjoyed little sister, running to jump in my arms… I realized I had just hugged my new big sisters goodbye.

Spending nearly every waking moment with three other women for a week sounds like a challenge, but I loved it, and I couldn’t have chosen any other women I’d rather share that moment of my life with.—And hopefully, more precious moments in the future.