Saturday, July 25, 2009

The strike that may never end

It has been five weeks since the Toronto city worker strike began and it is starting to try my patience. It is not the lack of garbage pick up that bothers me (although Torontonians do pay a premium for this service). What is starting to bother me is the fact that this may be my last summer at home with my girls and we are missing out on some great activities.

I had some great activities planned for me and the girls. We were going to go to the public pools a couple of times a week (they are water babies) and we would go to the parks with wading pools. We also love going to High Park to see the animals. Ainsley was also supposed to take her first gymnastics class starting next week. It saddens me to think we have missed out on these fun activities because of this strike. If I go back to work in January then I have missed my last summer to do this with the girls.

I am really loosing my patience with those involved in this strike. Those on strike, I really wish they had some perspective and realise this is a tough economy right now and that to be blunt it is not the best time to ask for raises and benefits that most companies do not offer employees. A lot of people are loosing their jobs so honestly, people should sit tight and wait for better times to make demands. I feel sorry for those kids who rely on summer jobs to pay for their tuition. I was one of them and if I had not been able to work during the summer, I would not have been able to afford University.

I am not even affected as much as some people. I don't have my kids in daycare, nor were they enrolled in summer camps. This strike is hurting families, both those who cannot access city programs and those families on strike who are not getting paid.

I am really hoping that an agreement is made this weekend. News reports are stating that if an agreement cannot be reached by midnight on Sunday that one of the locals will walk away from the table (whatever that means).

All in all, this strike needs to end. Okay, I'm finished my rant.