Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Breastfeeding Awareness Mommy Moment Contest

This month I'm doing the contest a little differently, and the winner will receive one of these... A Feeder Frock from LaDyLaDukes Etsy.

The Feeder Frock Was Specifically Designed to Help Moms Who Breastfeed in Public, Cover Their Backsides, and Nurse Their Babies Sitting, Standing or Moving! Sometimes, Moms Have to Chase Their Kids, or Push a Stroller, and Grab Things--Moms Have to Move!

If I wasn't totally sold on breastfeeding in public before I think this helps me with the idea. It's like a stylish shirt you can hide baby under! The style I'm featuring here is called Pop Princess and it's worth $59.99! But the winner gets to choose the style they want. And if you're not a mom like me... It can be a great gift (or something to save)!

Excited yet? My wonderful guest judge Sweet Wifey from Prissy Mommy will choose the winner for this contest. And this month for my contest your "Mommy Moment" doesn't have to be this month. You can write something up if you want or it can be anything you've written in the past, but I'm giving you a "momyish" topic to write on... Breastfeeding. It's breastfeeding awareness month and I thought it is only appropriate.

Here are the rules: Write up a post about breastfeeding, or find something you've written in the past. It can be any humorous/ informative/ opinionated post on breastfeeding you've written, or you can write it this month. Somewhere within the post put a link to this contest. I don't care how small it is just try to include it.
Then, you can share the link to your post with me in the comments section or email it to me. You can email your entry to babymakingmachine{at}gmail{dot}com. As I always say you DON'T have to be a mom to win! Anwayone can have a "mommy moment" and anyone can have an opinion on breastfeeding, so have fun with it! I'll also link up all of the entries so everyone can read in the order I receive them!

You have until August 30th to enter so go write write write!

Again, the winner will get a fashionable breastfeeding Feeder Frock of their choice from LaDyLaDuke and a feature on my site, and my guest judge Sweet Wifey from Prissy Mommy will choose the winner. Oh, and no, she is NOT accepting bribes! Good luck!

What do you think? Excited about the topic?

Ok, now on to July's winner!:
I always have such a fun time reading your "mommy moments" from moms to moms-to-be future moms! I share my stories here but I love reading yours! I've asked you to throughout the month, be on the lookout for post you've written about being a mom. And to share your favorite mommy moment with me!

I got a lot of entries and all of them were beautiful! Some were funny and others were clever! Luckily I had my friend Quel aka my HomeGirl be the judge so I wouldn't have to make the tough decision!

She loved them all and this month the winner is...

Dyar Baby Momma with 'Bunnies Eat Cereal'

And she wins a beautiful customizable photo tile necklace from iGotSquares Etsy, and later this month I'll be featuring her! So be sure to check her out and send her congrats!

Here are the honorable mentions:
Liz from (Loving Mom 2 Boys) with 'Fabulous Weekend'
Little Nut Tree with "The Things they Say"
John Deere Mom with "Rite of Passage"
supah ~d with "Week Madness"
~M~ with "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo"

So be sure to check out all of these wonderful posts and share some comment love!

Aren't feeling lucky? LaDyLaDuke is having a sale all month and is offering 1/2 off gift certificate purchases with a Frock purchase.