Monday, August 24, 2009

The Levels of Anonymity: Where Do You Draw the Line?

One of you brought up a great question in my last post... Stephanie asked what kind of steps we plan to take with our kids and what I'll post about and what I won't.

I personally am not a huge fan of anonymity. I mean, I don't mind to some extent but my favorite blogs are by women who "share all" and post pictures of their adorable kids and families. What can I say?... I like cute kids! And I like honesty.

I mentioned in my last post I'm already "out there" in the public eye... So I can't really go around saying "I don't want people to know my name... boo hoo!" Heck, I think the whole world knows my dog's name. But I don't think that will create any more stalkers than usual. I try to keep the two VERY separate... If anything, for my sanity. And one day, I'm sure I'll be out of public eye completely. I have also made it a point to not use my husband's name (Suga Lips) on this blog, or use my last name (IsAwesome). And I don't talk about where I live (in the Hood).

I can't say I won't use my kids names in the future because I KNOW baby names will be a topic I'll cover (again). I actually already have the names picked out and I can't picture not telling you their first name because they are SO CUTE! I think I'll probably use a nickname most of the time, but really... Who cares if you know my kid's name?--That's just me. BUT I DID promise my husband we won't tell anyone the boys name... It's our secret. So I'll try to keep that one.

I guess I could pull a Michael Jackson and call my kids "Blanket" and cover them up with bags and sheets so you can't see their faces... But I'm thinking I'll take my chances. Plus, I want the world to see their cuteness!.. As long as you don't steal the pictures and say they're yours I'm cool (I need to work on getting a thingy to put over my photos).

Once I get my DSLR you won't be able to KEEP me from taking pictures of anyone and everyone either, and if my babies are cute (which I'm praying they are) they probably will be plastered all over my blog.. So... Yea.

As far as personal privacy goes that's a whole 'nother topic! My husband and I draw separate lines for that. To me, this kind of blog is a girl thing, NO BOYS ALLOWED. If I were to write about postpartum depression or something, he may just not get it... And that's the sort of thing I think other women can relate to. A miscarriage.--My husband would probably rather keep something like that between us, but that's something I wouldn't be able to keep inside... I am an extrovert... I need to let stuff out, and talk about it with people who get it. I think that's a problem women may have had for a long time... They've maybe fells sad and depressed about things and not had a way to express that. A diary is great but it's so nice to know we're not ALONE. Through this blog I've found out I'm not the only crazy person out there who thinks about babies 24/7 who's not even trying for one yet... YAY!

We're going to continue to work on this battle, but I'm not too worried. Just so long as I don't post our secret little boy's name I think he'll forgive me and let me talk about my ovulation cycle, how I REALLY want a baby, and fertility routines all I want.

What about you? What levels of anonymity do you keep on your blog, or do you think you will keep with your kids? I know everyone is different, I'm just curious to know your take!

***Added***: I'm now a resident of "Central, TX"... (thanks for the tip). But I'm also wondering... By someone knowing your kid's first name... how will that make them easier to kidnap? -- Now yall have me all paranoid about someone kidnapping my unborn child! ***Added***

PS: And I'm afraid all of my drama overshadowed a post I was REALLY excited about. If you didn't see it, read my Sunday Praises post! :) I crossed a big one off my Baby Bucket List.