Tuesday, September 1, 2009

21 Months, and I'm Kind of Over the Whole "Months" Thing

Some part of me will probably measure Westley's age in months forever. He was born on the first of December, so it's hard, when a new month rolls around, not to think, Westley's another month old today. On the other hand, I feel like I'm starting to sound ridiculous when I tell people how many months old Westley is.

"What is he, about two? Two-and-a-half?" the guy at the fruit market asks.

"Not quite. He'll be 21 months on September 1st."

See? Clunky. Rob has side-stepped this problem completely by telling people, "He'll be two in December."

So are we really at that point? The point where we give the "two-in-December" answer as opposed to the "20-months-and three-weeks" answer? I feel like maybe, by not reading the What To Expect books, I missed learning the proper parental etiquette on this one.

We're certainly out of the stage where the changes from one month to the next are clearly visible in (zillions of) photographs. But when I reflect on the past four weeks, a lot has changed for Westley, the least of which is his hair length. He had his first real separation from me, and his first bout of vomiting. He uses a fork and a spoon easily (when he wants to). He speaks in sentences occasionally. It's crazy.

I feel as though I'm not so much counting up months, as counting down to two. Paving the way and preparing myself for the inescapable fact that my son--my tiny, baby son--is going to be two in December. Two!

But on the issue of answering the question, "how old is he?" I need my fellow babymamas to school me: when did you stop measuring your child's age in months? At what point does it still seem relevant, and at what point does it start sounding ridiculous?

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Today's question: have you ever been walked toddled in on? I have.