Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Little Too Proud?...

I'm not sure if it could have gone unsaid! Sorry if you're not "with it" when it comes to football (and please excuse my basketball photo to the left, I just thought it best showed my excitement), but I imagine you can ask your husband what I'm talking about...

I'm not normally the down and dirty sports kind of girl. I know I'm 5' 11" but NO...I did not play basketball in college, nor did I play volleyball or any other sport like that... Not even in high school. No... I was the tall girl on the cheerleading squad... The one the girl basketball coach would stare and shake her head at thinking of the potential I "wasted" having chosen the other side.

Either here nor there, it doesn't matter. I still grew up to like other sports... Watching them that is. And last night I had the privilege of watching one of the most exciting games of my live. I'm talking about the biggest upset in football this year! Ok... I know the season just started but still! No one thought my cougars would win but I had faith!

I was staying optimistic before the game Saturday. I wore my cougar blue on the anchor desk and was wearing it proud. We were facing #3 Oklahoma, and no one thought we would win. But even at work, when I saw they had the lead I couldn't contain myself. I jumped up from my desk and screamed. Yelled at everyone "WHO SAID THEY WOULDN'T WIN?.. TAKE THAT ESPN!"

The sports guys laughed at me, and broadcasted my excitement (and the fact that I was dancing around the newsroom) to the world... Err... to everyone who watches our news show on a Saturday night. BYU beat the Oklahoma Sooners! BOOYA!

And now I'm that much more excited to dress up my little ones in these:

Think I'm kidding? Look at what I've already done for Snoop:

Notice his cute collar in the first picture? Yep, I made him his own BYU Collar and Leash set, a a bandanna, and a matching headband for me to with it! And there's LOTS more where that came from Here!
(By the way, I don't have an etsy shop or anything but that link is to my dog collar website, let me know if you want me to whip you up something!)

So, can you IMAGINE how I'll be with human kids?! Lawd help me! I told myself I wouldn't but stuff for a baby I don't have yet but I may need to make an exception for this. I unfortunately found it quite difficult to spot all of those cute baby onesies and whatnot with the BYU logo on it! I thought BYU was he #1 school for kids with spawn. Hmm, maybe I'll have to start making my own baby BYU gear for jr.

What about you? Got school spirit? Force your kids to have it too? And while were on the topic, where do you find the cutest baby gear?
(oh, cause I know I will!--Yes, I'll be "that mom")