Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Cure for Stress

"I'm not stressing."

That's the quote I use to chant to myself and say to my husband when I was working at a high-stress sales job years ago.

I'd ramble off about the annoying people I'd talk to, how my commission was on the verge of a higher bracket, and how I REALLY wanted to use the extra money to save for that new car.. "But I'm not stressing," I'd add to the end of my rant. Kind of like how you can say whatever you want about that girl you don't like at work but just add "bless her heart" to the end to make it all ok.

The last week in a half I've been trying hard not to stress... Less stress = better incubating quarters. I also decided to do some of my favorite things in order to make me feel better.

First, I got a pedicure. LOVED it. Sadly, I hadn't painted my toenails since my cruise in January... Yea, a pedicure was WAY past due, and SO relaxing. I brought Fully Fertile and had to highlight a great quote I came across regarding mental stress and negative thoughts: "Every day you need to weed the garden of your mind. Pluck out the negative thoughts, words and feelings by the root. If you don't they will grow like weeds and begin to take over even your most positive thoughts." What a thought to remember!
I also started listening to Circle+Bloom and I'm LOVING it. I try to listen to it in the morning when I get up, or at night before bed, and enjoy the meditation and relaxation it brings. More on this later!

Then, I went SHOPPING. There are few things that can make me happier than spending money. I walked past Bath and Bodyworks and noticed they had a new scent, so I decided to stop in and smell it... And loved it. Then the lady had me sold when she told me about their buy 2 get 1 free promotion. The bubble bath was only $12 and a bubble bath sounded SO nice, so I got that, the body mist, and a free tube of body cream.

Snoop even got some pampering at Petco. I couldn't fully enjoy my day off knowing he was at home missing me! So I dropped him off for a bath and brush while I got my toes done. He thanked me.

I also did something I'm so excited about because it's something I can cross off my "Baby Bucket List." I started Yoga! I've been waiting awhile to start a Pulling Down the Moon fertility yoga class but it keeps getting rescheduled, so I'm taking a gently moderate class for now. My yoga instructor is AMAZING. She's so nice, and afterwards I feel like I've gotten a good workout and had a chance to relax and calm my nerves.

After that I went home and got all dolled up with my hubby and we went to my company party. It's always fun looking extra fancy from time to time, and it definitely got my mind off things. We didnt' stay much longer than an hour or so. It was a blast, but the "open bar" doesn't keep non-drinkers around as long as unlimited cookies... I didn't see cookies.
If you live in Central Texas and have thought about taking fertility yoga let me know, I'd LOVE to join a class together at Sundara Yoga! And on that note, Pulling Down the Moon has been SUCH an inspiration in my whole journey. I love their 12 week holistic program to fertility, and though mine has turned into more like a 20-week plan, it's helping me so much.. Really, I've even started to eat more organic food for heavens sakes (more on that later)!

I heard today that they are up for the Shine A Light award, as a small business that is making a BIG difference! They are making a BIG difference in my life! So I've voted, and if what you've read has made any kind of difference for you please help and vote for this deserving small business.. Helping so many women, infertility struggles or not, to get ready to get a bun in the oven! You can nominate them here.

In other news I got my first BFN.