Monday, October 12, 2009

Flowery Greetings: Sponsor #20

Short story: I.. The self-proclaimed "Baby Makin' Machine," found making a baby isn't as easy as I had hoped. So to take my mind off baby makin' I'm spending a month raising money to help March of Dimes babies. Read the long story about how this fundraiser got started here!
One thing I love about doing things like this is it gives me the opportunity to see some of the most original work around! When I first heard of Flowery Greetings, I was so impressed, and I'm honored that they've offered to be a March of Dimes Fund Raiser Sponsor!Get this... She makes PLANTABLE greeting cards! Yea, so if you're looking for a cool gift, or a fun way to say "THANK YOU" keep reading!Nikki is the creative woman behind Flowery Greetings. She lives in Saskatchewan (Canada). She and her husband of two years purchased their first home earlier this year in a small town. They have an almost 10 month old daughter named Chelsea.

"When we moved here, I was home with the baby and didn't know anybody in this town," Nikki said. "To keep myself busy, I turned to crafts. I had come across a website selling plantable paper and thought to myself, 'I can make that!' which tends to be my mindset for most things, I'm a real DIY-er. So, after some research, I figured it out and started making my paper into greeting cards! My store is just starting out and I am hopeful that I will have success with it!"
That's right... Plantable greeting cards! As in, you give it to someone, and besides just being a pretty card, they can put it in soil, and it will grow into a beautiful plant!

"What I love about my craft is that they are environmentally friendly," Nikki said. "It is all recycled materials and there is no waste in the end (because the card gets planted in soil!). I care very much about the environment and want to do all I can to reduce my carbon footprint."

This green sponsor is donating this set of 10 mini thank you cards! But not just that... In the spirit of giving, we've inspired her to donate 50% of her card sales this month to the March of Dimes! Can you believe it?! Let's support this generous sponsor! Visit her shop, look around, and get some creatively green gifts!

You can learn more about the life of this crafter by visiting her blog, or by following @FloweryGreeting on Twitter!

If you happen to donate just $1 to the charity I'll give you 1 free ticket to win this prize from FloweryGreetings! Not only are you helping a charity but you get 1 ticket in our GIANT drawing! You can donate by clicking the "chip in" button to the right or by clicking here. (Paypal is NOT associated with the drawing, just with donations. Questions about the drawing? Email me at babymakingmachine{at}

This is just one of more than 40 prizes (worth over $1500) that's up for grabs in the drawing! See the full list here. 100% of the funds raised are going to March of Dimes, to help save babies!

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