Saturday, October 3, 2009

Product Spotlight - Diaper Genie II

On the heel of our last post - our October Giveaway, this product spotlight seemed perfect! If you haven't seen this before, you will want to take note, this is one popular item on our gift registries!

How it works:
Diaper Genie II System is incredibly easy to use with its one-hand operation. (important when parents are holding a child and trying to throw away a diaper at the same time!) Just open the lid, and push a diaper through the Push-N-Lock clamp and odor virtually disappears.

Getting rid of the contents:
The internal childproof cutter makes emptying the pail a breeze. Just cut and seal – The odor free refill keeps odor and mess inside. No ordinary garbage bag can do that. And, with Diaper Genie II System, when you go to empty it, the bag of diapers is sealed to protect against odors. Other pails open to reveal an open bag and a big whiff. And since the diaper never touches the pail, there’s one less thing for you to clean.

It's awesome. Odor free, eliminates the use of the hands, unobtrusive design, hygenic. So, No smells, No major clean up. There is a reason why this diaper pail is one of the favourites of new Moms. Definitely add a Diaper Genie II to your gift registry, or just grab one for yourself.

Price: $44.99 CDN Available in-store and online
Refills $7.99 CDN Available Here