Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello, My Name is Jenn and I'm Addicted to the Internet

It started for me back with AOL and my fascination to connect with people and surf for information hasn't gone away.

Last year and some odd months, I started this blog. It has since become more than a hobby and started to suck away my free time.

Then someone told me about Twitter. I swore I wouldn't join because I was already online too much, have enough social networking going on with Facebook, plus WHO wants to know what I'm doing 24/7? Umm, no thanks stalkers!

... I now have two Twitter accounts.

Then don't get me started on eBay! Running home to catch an auction before it ended became my obsession my sophomore year of college... When I had JUST enough grant money to help me splurge on a some $7 jeans and $15 perfume. But trouble came when I'd be so determined to win I'd go WAY over what I was REALLY winning to spend. I'd feel happy for a moment but then the remorse would set in.

I since tamed my online auction shopping addiction, however now as this little girl grows inside me, I have a new category to search for in rows and rows of items. And let me tell you there are some DEALS!!

Look what I've won already everything total including shipping for about $40:
$10 for all 3!
$17 for the set of 10!

My next thing is to get colorful onesies to make all of these dresses more modest for my little one! But I'll wait to see what I get first from family/ friends.

And this is what I'm keeping my eye on (don't even THINK about bidding against me!):
I've been trying to be mindful of the seasons and sizes on the things I'm getting. I figure it's better to be too big than too small with dresses. Oh yea, notice that there are no pants? I'm not sure if I'll ever buy her any!

The bad thing about my eBay and Twitter addictions is less time for blogging, but not just posting, I usually still find time to jot down my thoughts, but blog engaging! I've turned into a... Dare I say it... BLOG STALKER! Lurking in the bushes, reading blogs, hopping along from blog to blog, not letting you know I'm laughing, crying, or interested in your thoughts. Funny thing is, I don't encourage blog stalking... And I've become a stalker myself.

I would like to give a shout out to some of my blog friends though who have stuck by me despite my new bad habits. I out back my Top Commentators widget (my other one broke) and I wanna give a shout out to them, plus a few others! Don't be sad if I skipped you, I plan to do this more often and I looked to see which ones were loyal commentators on posts other than giveaways.

Alanna, I think has gotta be one of my top commentators. I love her words of wisdom and we are not too far apart from each other in our pregnancies. She's about 25 weeks along now and she's currently in need of prayers since they're trying to figure out their financial situation before their little baby comes and she has to take time off work.

Jessica, from My Silly Monkeys I think we stalk each other, but when I get a comment from you it makes my day, it's ok when I don't though cause you're there to answer my desperate twitter DMs 20 times a day even though you're due to pop any day now.

Mammatalk, I love your blog, and when you comment on something I've written it brightens my day because you know what... You're a WAY better writer than me, and quite frankly, I'm honored to have entertained you for a few moments.

Jen, I love this sweetheart. Jen and I tend to chat more on twitter but she is a LOYAL commenter on my blog! And not just for all of the giveaways. I owe her big time for visiting me all of the time. Jen is TTC for baby number one and she blogs about her life After the Alter.

Kate from Busted Plumbing has a special place in my heart. I felt so worried after finding out I was pregnant that I would loose the TTC friends I made. Kate has been so nice and supportive of me and I've been rooting her on in her journey. I LOVE her blog and her humor, you MUST check her out!

And just some other people I love: Gena from The Morris Bunch, (who is hooking me up with some old baby girl clothes, can I get a whoop?!), Johanna from (The Road To) Mommyland. I've read her blog for awhile now, from when she had been TTC almost a year to now, she's due about a week after me! Emily from Baby Dickey, I loved reading about her pregnancy and now life as a new mommy! Sheena who was the Mommy in Mommy Daddy blog but is re-defining her blog self over at Sophistishe! Love her new spot, love her new voice, love that she's also up at crazy hours of the night to instant message with me on google chat! Check her out!

Ok, for real, I need to do this more often! I have other blogs I love on my "friends" page if you're looking for other reading material. I recommend you check these peeps out cause they rock and keep me addicted to the internet!

Are you a stalker? Come out of the wood works, and say hi! And I'll be sure to visit you, even if it's been awhile, even if I've NEVER "met" you! I'd love to meet you now!
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