Thursday, February 4, 2010

Her Name Won't Be "Spawnie" Forever

Choosing a baby name is a lot harder than I thought! I thought I had it all figured out and decided if we were having a girl but that all changed when I found out she IS a girl!

I'm sure this is one of many "help me name my baby" posts I'll have. I'm not sure yet if I'm sharing the name I choose. Some of the names we've loved forever don't seem as appealing to me now and I've gone through an entire iPhone app full of baby girl names. Nothing screams "this is it" but I do like about 6 or 7. My husband likes all but one.

I'm looking for something not common, but not too unusual. My husband and I both have common names and we want to give our child something more unique. I would love to find a name that starts with a "J" so we can share the same initials but that's not a requirement. I also really like names that also have shorter nicknames.

I know some people invent names but I'm not very good at that. Have any suggestions?

Here's a few names I liked but don't look like they're making the cut:

That should give you a little bit of an idea of the type of names we like. For a middle name I'm thinking Lee or Lynn.

So please, help a mama out! Name suggestions? Name book recommendations? Help!