Monday, February 15, 2010

Operation Nursery Makeover: Part 1

Well, the time has come to do SOMETHING (besides shop for clothing). I'm SOOO eager to set up the nursery and I figure you can never do it too early. Ok, maybe you can but I don't think that's possible with me. There's a lot I'd like to try to do an since we're on a pretty tight budget (and I'm a HUGE budget shopper) I'm trying to be wise and take my time.

I thought it would be fun to document this part of my journey once a week or so as I make progress on the room. This post is dedicated to the "BEFORE" and some things I'm currently working on.

Operation Nursery makeover is now in effect! We live in a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath town home. The bedrooms and full bathrooms are upstairs (as well as our laundry room thank goodness), but the main thing is the guestroom, now turning into Spawnie’s room.

We don’t have a ton of guests and though I imagine that will change a little once Spawnie gets here that doesn’t stop me from going all out for her room. Decorating a little girl’s nursery has been a dream of mine for a LONG time. A boy’s room... Not so much. But since Spawnie is a girl, I’m going to have fun with it, and there’s going to be lots of PINK in and around this crib! That's the crib we have but we haven't put it together yet. We CAN paint the walls but we're not going to. So I'd like to put some kind of deoration around the wall, maybe wallpaper, or tack up some scrapbook paper or something.

We’re going to leave the queen bed in there for when we do have company, we’ll take Spawnie in our room. I’ll just have to get some new brown or white bedding to go on that bed… Just something to match her bedding slightly. It'll also be nice to keep the bed in there so we can sleep in there sometimes if we want with her in the room with us (especially if we don't get a bassinet).

Currently the room I sorta left up to my husband. His Tiger Woods pictures (which should have come down months ago) will be outta there! As well as the other sports hangings on the wall.

I want the crib to go against the wall across from the bed.

My husband thinks I'm joking when I tell him he needs to find a new place for this clothing. This just isn't enough room for her things. He says she already has more outfits than him. And while I don't think that's quite true YET, it could very well be a good possibility in the near future, so we'll need to get a dresser. I'd like to place it across from the foot of the bed if it'll fit.

We don't really have room for a diaper changer, but we don't have one anyway. I think most kids don't end up getting changed there for long anyway so I'm not heartbroken over that.

I'd LOVE to put something up where this ledge/ shelf thing is in the room. It's high up there, and I'd have to use a chair to get things up and down but I think it would be a good place for some sort of decoration. Ideas?

There's a balcony off the room, and a little spot over near that door. I'm thinking we may put a toy box or bookshelf there. We need a bookshelf to go somewhere so I think that'll be the place. I'd also love to decorate outside on the balcony, but I doubt it'll be nursery themed.

Ok, now want a sneak peek at what I'm working on? I'll post tutorials as I finish them but here's a peek for now:

I'm working on a butterfly mobile.

And I just ordered the 10" wooden wall letters that I plan to decorate (matching her mobile) and hang on the wall above her crib. I'm hoping to do it something like this:

But I'm thinking brown ribbon, and more variation between letters. I also chose a font called "whimsical." Oh yes, and that means we decided on a name! ... No, the name above is not it.

Other than that, I'm currently searching for crib bedding. I saved my birthday and Christmas money for baby girl crib bedding (in case she was indeed a girl) and we got a free crib, so I figure I can splurge a little on bedding. I'm looking for something to this effect:

(Warning, rant ahead!) I KNOW everyone says not to spend a lot on the bedding yada yada yada, but really, I'm not going to settle for something that I sorta like just cause Spawnie may puke and pee on it a few times. I'm thinking I'll make a blanket myself to match it, but the bumpers and bed skirt is what I'll splurge on (no need to tell me how unsafe/safe bumpers are, I've read the facts, and plan to use an on/off method when necessary). I am HOPING the poop, puke and pee doesn't make it down to the bed skirt that often. I'll also buy some cheap simple pink and/or green sheets to go on the bed that can be changed often. So this may LOOK frilly to you, but I think it's beautiful and I'm going about it a good way. If I end up hating it hater and regretting not settling for something semi-ugly later I'll let you know, but as for now, the bedding is my "centerpiece."

Also, I'm not planning on going crazy with the butterflies but I did buy these:And I have a friend paining me pictures on canvas of fairies with big butterfly wings. I think I'll call the room "pink whimsical." Crazy? Ugly? Adorable? Ok don't tell me if you hate it, I'm very sensitive about this stuff!

I'm also teaming up with Artistic Sensations in the search for my room decor and baby bedding. I'm hoping and praying one of their designers can make bedding similar to what's above! They have a HUGE selection on their site of artwork and things of that sort. And my friend Nicole, from Chic Cheap Nursery is an interior designer and she's offered her services to me as well!

SO... I'm sure our three heads are better than my one (especially since I SUCK at decorating) but I also think that 100 heads are better than three and 1000 heads are better than 100. So if you have advice, tips, etc, PLEASE share, I'd love to hear it! Or, just tell me what you think so far!