Sunday, March 14, 2010

Article from an Expert } Slings, Happy babies are held babies


by Kasie Savage, Owner of WOMBaby Slings
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Did you know? A baby sling might be new to you- but consider that women across the globe have been carrying, or wearing their babies for thousands of years. In fact, even in 2010 it's actually almost unheard of to place your baby down, or into a stroller or playpen in many nations. Happy babies are held babies. So rest assured that when you purchase a great quality sling (both in terms of fabric, design and manufacturing), like a WOMBaby Sling, you are getting the best of both worlds- fashion and function. As is the case with any baby-related product, your baby's safety is paramount and you must at all times ensure that the sling you are using is free of defects and in good condition (maybe that hand-me-down from Aunt Hazel is not such a good idea!). Also, many parents wear their slings too loosely.

  • Ensure that your sling is secure and tight (ring-slings allow you to make adjustments) with baby snugly placed within as per the wear instructions of that product.
  • Your baby's face should always be visible and never obstructed by fabric.
  • Newborns with little to no head control should be supported by a folded receiving blanket placed in the sling under their head/neck/shoulders. This will prevent them from being too curled forward.
Once you get into the sling of things, as we like to say, you can expect to use your sling daily for up to two years +. Dollar for dollar, it is one of the best investments you will make. It's also nice to know how incredibly it will benefit both you and your little one.

Kasie Savage
Mother of three, Babywearing Expert, TV Personality & Owner of WOMBaby Slings- proudly made in Canada. For more information visit