Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Choosing a Maternity Photographer

There's a few things I've been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant... Or even before then. Call me vain but I've been looking forward to getting maternity photographs for a long long time.

I'm going to another consignment sale tomorrow night and they're giving out a free belly shot for first time moms-to-be then free follow up sessions with your new baby. I HOPE it's as good as it sounds because I'd love to get a deal on these, especially since they're not cheap.

If it doesn't work out, I have a picture in mind of how I'd like them to look but I'm not sure exactly how to go about finding the photographer. I started by asking for a few referrals from friends on Facebook and Twitter. Then I checked out Craigslist to see who had some deals, and finally just Googled some.

I know I like the studio look better, or at least black and white backgrounds. I don't like the outside ones as much just because I feel like they look more like modeling shoots and I'm not going for the "model" look as much as the "casual mom" look, haha.

If I do decide to do some outside I'd like them done maybe something like this:
Or like this in a field:
I like blue jeans... Not a dress. And a plain white or black shirt that buttons. I'd like to unbutton the bottom so you can see my tummy, but I don't like the holding my bare boobies action that much. Don't get me wrong, those pictures look beautiful when done right, but I don't think that's my style. This is basically EXACTLY what I'd like to wear:

(Photos by Carrie Biggar Photography)

(Photo by Pinkle Toes Photography)

(Photo by Christie Stockstill Photography)
I like this one but with jeans on.

I also would like my husband to be in a few, but not all of them... Not even most of them. Maybe like three, haha.

(Photo by EP's Photography)

I'm sprinkling some samples I like from local photographers I've found in my area so far. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this look... I like how the woman is sorta blended in with the background but the belly sticks out. I wouldn't necessarily want them ALL like this, but I'd like a few! Being vain again... I like my hair down long and I'd like to show it off in photos so maybe white backgrounds would look nice too.

(Photo by Christi Long Photography)

(Photo by Christie Stockstill Photography)

(Photo by Damon Leo Photography)
I LOVE these on-location photos!

(Photos by Bloom Austin Photography)

(Photo by Barbara Legere Photography)
I am not sure about costs or what my budget is exactly. I'm hoping I can find a good deal and pay no more than $300 for the sitting fee and for a CD of the digital files giving me the rights. Think that's very realistic? I would LOVE to find a photographer that's working on their portfolio and would give me a ROCKIN' deal. My husband isn't too excited about forking out the dough for this, he says he'll use my camera and take the photos but I know how that will go...

He gets all fussy and whiny after taking a few shots for me around the house. He took my 26 week photo and it's blurry!! So yea, that option is out of the picture. But I also can't fork over $1000 for the digital prints... YIKES!

The frustrating thing when I search around for styles I like is I can't find a lot of African-American examples. It would be nice to see examples of how my skin tone and my husbands would look on black and white backdrops. I wrote to the photographer behind EP Photography because I really liked her site, and funny enough... The music she had playing on it.

I'm also debating when to have them done. I'm 26 weeks now, and I am worried if I plan them around 35 weeks she'll come then (crossing my fingers she doesn't). I've heard 7-8 months is a good idea. What do you think? Maybe around 32 weeks? I'll be exactly 8 months. I don't want to be too big to where I don't feel pretty either... Ok, I'm stopping with the vainness now ;)