Friday, March 5, 2010

Creating a Gift Registry

Do you need help deciding on what items you need for your upcoming new arrival? We know that a lot of it can seem overwhelming, which is why we have amazing Registry Consultants at the store to help you decide on items that will help you out for babies arrival. Sometimes it's just nice to have a helping hand guide you through the store, and point out items that from our experience, are really helpful. You and your registry consultant will work together on putting together a perfect baby registry for you, as you're going to have friends and family want to get you items that you really would like for you, and your little one.


How to set up an appointment:

Call 905-881-3334 or e-mail us at

What a Registry appointment entails:

One of of our skilled Registry Consultants will give you a personal tour of the store and take you on your journey to making a fantastic gift regitsty for your family and friends. You and your consultant will work one on one to add items to your registry list. We'll give you some registry cards, so friends & family know how to order off your amazing registry!