Friday, March 26, 2010

How to Make Baby Leg Warmers

In my quest to make myself more crafty, and to make myself feel like a domestic diva I want to document my different projects progress on my blog. I'm hoping for one crafty-related post a week, and I've been making Spawnie a lot so it shouldn't be so hard!

I can't take all of the credit for my ideas though, so I'll show you where I get them!

I had never heard of baby leg warmers or BabyLegs until a few months ago. I hear they're amazingly convenient for diaper changes cause you don't have to take down/ unbutton any pants. They're also nice to keep your baby's legs from getting rug burn while they're crawling around.I thought they were totally adorable but worried of Spawnie was a boy they may look a little silly on him. I took a chance though and bought some leg warmers from Dittany Baby. But they're called skidpants there. I'm still not sure of the difference, I think it's a brand thing, but either way they're adorable! I bought these BYU ones on sale for $4.50 at Dittany baby!Once I found out Spawnie was a girl I wanted more! I started shopping around but realized the price for one pair easily is $12-$15 for a PAIR! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for spending the money on cute stuff, but I'm also a bargain hunter.

I was tweeting with people about baby leg warmers and a few women told me they were really easy to make. I was worried shopping for fabric, cutting and measuring would take me forever so I was a little hesitant at first but a few sent me links to a tutorial on how to make baby leg warmers from knee socks!

So, to see how easy it was I tried it myself! I bought a 6 pack of women's knee socks off Ebay for $13.1. Cut the feet off the bottoms.2. Turn them inside out and fold up the bottom.
3. Stitch around them flip right side out. (I hand stitched these during my lunch break at work one night).Viola!! It took seriously about half an hour to make a pair and that's because I was HAND STITCHING. My sewing machine is having some problems but it would literally take me about a minute to make a pair using my machine. But that should give women who don't have/ know how to use sewing machines some courage.

So there you go! I'll make 6 pairs of baby leg warmers for $13. Not bad eh? Hopefully I can keep this craftiness up! I'm becoming more domestic than I ever imagined!