Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Mom - Gift Registry

Getting Read for Baby ---- Gift Registries
(and I thought our wedding one was hard!)
By Lindsay

Back in the day, when my husband and I got engaged, the gift registry process pretty easy. The hardest decision for us was trying to decide if we needed 8, or 12 place settings. Here we are 5 years later and we're expecting our first baby. We were encouraged by family and friends to register for some baby items as we have some fun baby showers coming up.

I went up to Dear-Born a few weeks ago and though; this is a snap. I'm going to go through the store, make a list of what we'll need, and voila. I'll be done. But it didn't happen that way. I walked into the store and was overwhelmed. China was easy. Buying for baby was a totally different story.

Thankfully, I was approached by Hope, one of the team members at Dear-Born. Hope encouraged me to make an appointment so we could do a registry together and so I made an appointment to come back a week later. On my drive home I realized how nice the concept was...Someone was going to take the time to walk through the store with me and help me pick the best things for my lifestyle. I felt pampered.

Today, I had my appointment with Hope. I was calm, prepared, and excited that I had someone to guide me, to hold my hand, and help me pick the right items.

(Hope helping me with a checklist of what we registered for, and what I may like to think of later)

Here's how it worked. Hope guided me from one end of the store to the other, carefully going through each section, explaining what I would likely need, or would like to have for when baby came. When I saw an item I liked, Hope wrote down the Product Number. Quick + Easy. We moved on to the next product and it was so simple.

My appointment took an hour and a half because I asked a lot of questions. I hadn't done research before hand on what sling or carrier I wanted, breast pump (hadn't even gotten that far in my planning for baby!) but having Hope with me, I utilized every single piece of knowledge she had. She patiently answered questions, and explained the benefits of different models like slings and bassinets, bottles, bath tubs, bottles....and every thing else.

Hope explained that after I left the store she was going to create my registry so that items would be available online for friends & family to see. I would also be able to modify quantities of products on my own. In reality, I may take some things off my registry and I may add more, but the key was that I got 99% of it done today because of the huge, huge help of having hands on guidance.

(a snippit of the wall of awesome diaper bags...!)

So to my fellow Mom & Dads to be, I highly recommend booking ahead of time a registry appointment. Go on a full tummy, bring a bottle of water, and get excited for the experience!

One more thing checked off my list, which is a little more weight off my shoulders!