Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Operation Nursery Makeover Part 2

So you saw before pictures of my nursery which was pretty manly (my husband's wanna be man cave) and very non-kiddish.

Not much as changed except I took down the photos of Tiger Woods (that jerk), and we have LOTS of kids stuff in the room that people have given us. It's actually so messy that I decline to take a picture at the moment.

I AM ready to put the crib up though. I've downloaded some new tunes. I'm gonna pop on my Lullabelly and get to assembling.

Oh... Why am I doing it alone? Well see... I've sorta always been the handy woman, and to be honest my husband is far from a handy man. After being married a few years and we started to acquire nicer furniture I took it upon myself to assemble our etra-tall table and six chairs, as well as our dresser, bed, and book shelves. I learned quick enough that it was better I do it.

Don't tell him I told you, but after we bought our new HDTV a couple of weeks ago he panicked because "the sound didn't work." Two seconds after arriving on the scene I switched the cords from "audio out" to "audio in." Problem solved. So for the bed our dear daughter will be sleeping in I figure it's better we don't take any chances and just allow me to do the job right.

There's still no mattress to go in it and no bedding yet, but I think putting it up will make me take a small sigh of relief.

I know I still have 15 weeks left but that doesn't feel like much time. I would love to have everything ready at least a month before in case she decides to come early. I have a feeling she will... I know everyone must say that, but I really do!

There's a few things I need your help with in deciding though. First off... Remember the bedding I was debating on before? Well Artistic Sensations is partnering with me and The Real Mom TV to get me some bedding. They have BEAUTIFUL designs but remember how frilly I wanted mine before? Something like this...
Yea, well that's a little extra. But it's OKAY with me because like I said before... When it comes to a girl I can't settle on bedding. I've gotta get what I like. Kim, owner of Artistic Sensations said they'd take one of three color patterns and make it in the style I like

Tickled Pink

Strawberry Cordial

and Miss Priss
So, I don't really need your help DECIDING per-say, but I need your help voting... These are the different color schemes they've picked out for me, but going with the mobile I've already made and the colors and paisley scheme I like, I love TICKLED PINK best. Like I mentioned, I'll have it made with the satin ruffles and more pink. What do you think? Like it too? If so... PRETTY PLEASE vote for the Tickled Pink Bedding design here.

Now, something else I'd love your advice on... I won a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids and I can't decide what to spend it on. Everything there seems so expensive to me... Even their books, and it's hard for me to bring myself to spend $20 on a book I can get for $2.50 at Half Priced Books.

So I've narrowed it down to a few things I like there and I'd love your help choosing.

Anywhere chair $60

Good side: It's cute, and I think she'd like sitting in it once she's big enough.
Bad side: As my husband pointed out... What baby will stay seated in a chair? I'm also worried about the size of it and a good spot for it in the room. We already have a queen bed, crib and dresser to start off with. I don't want it to be too crammed. They are also out of the hot pink polkadot color I love, so I'd have to settle for light pink.

Rose lamp and shade: $150

Good side: We don't have a lamp in the room and I think they can really make a room. It would be nice to have one next to the glider chair so I can read while feeding her.
Bad side: It's so expensive for a freaking lamp!

Hooded towels with name inscription: $20

Good side: I LOVE hooded towels. Love them even more when they're personalized. Can you have enough towels?
Bad side: I may want to wait and see what I get at my shower?

Window Panel $80 for 2
Good side: These are blackout panels, and since a lot of light comes into the nursery it could be great to have. I don't have any window treatment and I think they can really jazz up a room... Especially when we're not painting the walls.
Bad side: At $40 a panel I could quickly use up my card and then some. I think I'd need about 3 to cover all of the windows. I'm not sure how much they are at other places.

Crib Mattress $150

Good side: We don't have one, and from what I've seen at Babies R Us they can get expensive. I'm not sure what you really need in a mattress, I just know we need one.
Bad side: We'll be paying $50 over our gift card for the normal mattress, not their "deluxe" one. From what i hear you don't have to spend a fortune on a mattress, and I've seen them for less at Walmart/ Target. I'm not sure if we should save this gift card and maybe use others we may get down the road to cover the entire cost of a mattress.

Diaper Bag $80

Good side: Cute, classy, fun.
Bad side: I have one already, but the one I have is designer... I'm not sure I should have two expensive diaper bags. Maybe I should buy a REALLY cheap backup someplace else.

And there you have it! See how picky I am? Which do you think is the best deal or should invest in? Other things you love at Pottery Barn Kids? I'm obviously not big on toys. A friend gave me a box of toys and I think that'll keep up entertained for awhile... Or so I hope.