Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toronto Star Article, Protecting our Strollers

If you get the Toronto Star you will have likely seen this full page article that was in todays paper about the couple who had a Phil & Teds stroller which was stolen off their porch. It actually highlights that the missing strollers in Toronto is more common than we would have liked to have imagined.

"After a rash of thefts and two arrests, police suggested that strollers be kept inside or locked up."
Toronto Star

The article is a good reminder to even us. We're trusting people, like the majority of the city. We'd like to think that we can leave our stroller on our porch and it will be safe from being snatched. But this article is a reminder that if we store our strollers outside, which many of us do, we should be protecting them. The article highlights one of the great products at Dear-Born Baby, the Buggy Gaurds.

The Buggy Gaurd comes in 4 different styles and fits all strollers - The gaurds have combination dials so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys and it makes it a snap-and-go situation making protecting your stroller quick & easy when you have your hands full. Read more about the Buggy Gaurds here. So pick up one of these for if you're storing your stroller on your porch, or grab that bicycle lock. (But it wouldn't be as cute as Mr. Monkey!)

Although this situation of the missing strollers off porches is alarming, it has been a good reminder to us, and hopefully to our customers, that protecting our strollers can be as easy as chaining the stroller on our porch.

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Phil & Teds Double Kit (as seen in the Toronto Star Article) $109.99