Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Babymoon... To Take or Not to Take?

I'm trying spend time with my hubbs today since we've taken some time off together, but our plans to go out of town have been botched. We forgot we have a Lamaze class tonight! I'm debating if we should still try to do a one-day getaway or some kind of weekend away another time.

So my post today is over here, on my blog for Parenting Magazine's Project Pregnancy. I'm really hoping they'll keep me on after Spawnie is born so I'd LOVE it if you could leave a comment over there with your thoughts! Please and thank you!

Here's an excerpt:

59 days. That’s how much longer I have until my baby girl’s due date. Less than two months. In less than two months I will have the responsibility of taking care of a person for the rest of my life.

Last January we went on a seven-day cruise to the Caribbean. We went thinking that very well could be our last big trip before having out first child—Turns out that’s the case. We aren’t big travelers, and quite honestly, we’re pretty big homebodies. We’d much rather a night inside with pizza and movies than a night out on the town. Every now and then we try to force ourselves out because we know those outings will be sparse once we have a new baby around but we really just prefer each other’s company snuggling at home.

In preparing for welcoming a new person to our lives we’ve thought a little about a “last trip” before she arrives. A “Babymoon” if you will. We both requested three of the same days off this week so we could take a little trip to a nearby city. We—or rather I—had a few places in mind that we could tour, visit and dine at. But now that our three-day weekend together has come, we’re both finding ourselves rather comfortable with just having the quite time alone together..."

You can read the rest of the post here.


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