Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Cravings (Or Lack Thereof)

In a response to the #1 question men ask me when they find out or see I'm pregnant: "Do you have any weird pregnancy cravings?" I decided to document a few I have... And show my big belly a little.
I read an article about pregnancy cravings on The Bump and it turns out, when I do have an occasional pregnancy craving it actually means my body is lacking some nutrient and telling me I need it. For instance, my craving for a chocolate milkshake could mean I need calcium. My craving for a hearty cheeseburger or a steak could mean I'm low on iron (which I have been craving, and have been low on). I once had my husband bring me a nice big juicy steak while I was at work so I could satisfy my desire.

Sometimes we also just want excuses for eating something extra sweet and chalk it up to a pregnancy craving.

What about you? Did you have cravings?... Or not?

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