Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Girl, What Are You Doing in There?

Dear Daughter,

We are 31 weeks along today... That means there's just about 9 more weeks until you arrive! My mom had me a couple of weeks early, I wonder if that means you may be a little early. I had a long conversation with your grandma about all of her labors with your aunts. She had everyone pretty fast, she had me in about 12 hours with no epidural. 12 hours sounds like a long time but compared to other lengths I've heard it's not that bad.

I'm hoping you come on June 23rd. That's the day your daddy and I met, and it's exactly six months from our anniversary. I think it would be fun to celebrate your birthday on the anniversary from the day we met, and our half-year wedding anniversary! So try to plan for that ok?

I keep having dreams about you coming out WAY early, like now, and I was in a scramble cause we didn't get to take our Lamaze classes (they start on Tuesday!) and I didn't have my hospital bag packed, or my cute hospital gown. I know those aren't the important things, but I guess they're the things that show up in my dreams.

I also just had a dream you came out totally white with an alien-shaped head. I think it was a combination of writing about my "Aliens on Board" shirt and watching Independence Day last night.

We have your bed all set up, your bassinet, and your mattress in your crib, even your dresser has your night gowns already folded, and we have a bundle of diapers! I'm starting to feel MUCH more prepared! Now I can focus on the fun stuff and counting down until you arrive... OOH, maybe I'll make a paper chain, I LOVE paper chains!

Lately I've been wondering what the heck you're doing in my stomach. You are constantly moving, and I mean constantly! I'm suppose to do daily kick counts now and I have no problem counting you kick 10 times very quickly, even several times in a day! I wonder if you'll be this active when you get out. And I wonder what you're doing in there, dancing? Trying to get comfortable? You especially move a lot when I put the BabyPlus on. It's suppose to help you sleep better once you're born but with all the moving you do when you're listening to it I wonder if you'll actually just be wide awake and ready to play when you're born. I can't wait until you're big enough to play. I think at first you'll just want to eat and sleep a lot, which is great for pictures, but probably not the most entertaining. It's ok though, I'm sure I'll miss that stage as soon as you grow out of it, so I'll try to enjoy it.

Yesterday my friend Tara took some pictures of us. You were kicking then too of course, and spinning around. I've always been excited to take maternity photos. I can't wait to see more of the pictures she took. She's not only talented but she goes to our church, loves babies, blogs, AND photography! It was raining outside so we went to her house and made a fun little studio. I can't wait for you to meet her. She may even be at your birth! She takes great baby photos so you can bet you'll be growing up in front of a camera lens... Sorry. Notice the little line on my belly? It's called a Linea Negra. I didn't have one before I was pregnant but I hear some people develop it and it can go away. We debated editing it out but decided to keep it in the photos since it's a part of you!

I like taking pictures, mostly cause I like capturing the moment. Your dad... Not so much. I think it's a guy thing.

Last night I told him he'd better be all smiley and happy for our family photos cause those are very important to me! I'm hoping he'll be more excited to take pictures once you get here... We'll see.

You're about 3.3 pounds now (about the weight of four naval oranges), and about 16in long. You can turn your head from side to side, and you're plumping up with lots of fat now, yay!! And I guess it's normal that you move a lot at this time. If only I could catch you on camera... Hmm, That will be my mission this week!

Happy 31 weeks baby girl, keep growing for mommy, I can't wait to meet you!!



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