Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ultimate Blog PARTAY 2010!!

Hello! Those of you visiting my blog for the first time, thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom's Ultimate Blog party ... My name is Jenn, aka Future Mama in this thing I like to call "bloggy land." I started this blog at the end of November 2008. Although the title my blog "Baby Makin(g) Machine" may immediately make you think of the Octo-Mom, I'm not even close... I Started this blog when it was just, me, my husband, and our pup Snoop and I was DEBATING becoming a mom.. To be or not to be! Then, September 2009 I finally turned the "Baby Making Machine" ON and in October... BAM, PREGNANT!

I'm LDS, and I'm in an interracial marriage. Translation: I'm a black Mormon married to a whitie. That unique enough for ya? I'm very curious to see what flavor our baby will be.

My blogging life here has been my journey toward motherhood. And boy has it been quite a journey!... From contemplating motherhood, to reading up on fertility and trying to conceive to being PREGNANT... I'm 7 freaking months pregnant now!! My first baby (it's a girl) is due June 25th. My new favorite post is probably when I wrote about finding out I was pregnant.

Miss the back story? You can catch up quick by reading my Baby Makin' Story.

I've been going through a lot of changes, physically, emotionally and mentally, and my blog has too!

Every week I write a letter to Spawnie (that's what I'm calling my baby girl for now) and I'm doing a Full Term of Giveaways. I also have awoken a strange desire to CRAFT and COOK so Mondays will soon become "Look What I Made Mondays." I hope you'll show me what you made so I can try to make it too (and link back to you when I do of course!)

So browse around... Or if you're in a hurry, become a homie, click the little "follow" button to the side and come back later. Actually I made it easy for you, you can click the link there, or here.

So look around! A good place to start would be my by visiting my "popular post" section, oh and answer my poll to the right! You can also find me on Twitter: @FutureMama

I'd like any of the prizes, especially the baby-related ones, and the $50 giftcard to Target, maybe some chocolate chip cookie dough (hey, I'm pregnant), a giftcard to Amazon, a hand stamped necklace from Double Stacked, a lot of Love, and Buds to Bloom photo necklace. But I'm not picky! Anything will do! :)