Monday, April 19, 2010

What I'm Makin Monday: Baby Hair Bows

Woohoo! It's my 2nd "What I'm Makin' Monday" I'm keeping the streak alive so far, and I have another fun giveaway this week too.

Before I was even TRYING to get pregnant I was obsessed with cute little baby hair bows. Specifically the humongous flower ones with the netting headbands. I was obsessed. But I couldn't believe the prices for some of these things... $7, $10 some even $20! There must be a way to make them for less!!

I discovered these Petaloo flowers at Hobby Lobby for $5.99. They were PERFECT for my new craft. The large box contained 20 assorted flowers in varying sizes. I also bought a couple of big tubs of silk flowers from Lakeside Collection for less than $5 a tub for 400 flowers.It was an easy way to mix and match the flowers to make adorable headbands. But recently, my friend and soon-to-be maternity, birth, and full-time personal photographer Tara showed me a trick with flowers from the dollar store... yes the dollartree!! Which is nice because sometimes the other bundles are lacking these larger flowers.I bought a couple boquets there for well... a dollar, and decided to give it a try this week. I had A LOT I mean, like over 100 of bows to finish for people who donated to March of Dimes during my fundraiser and I finally finished them! I still have to take out a loan to be able to mail them all but anyway... Here's how I did it:

Besides the flowers you'll need:

-Some grosgrain ribbon
-A hot glue gun
-Metal brads
-Double prong metal hair clips
-Headbands (optional)

1. Take the petals out of the boxes/tubs/ pull them off the silk flowers from the dollar store. They come completely apart, and you can sort them by color and decide how you want to match up the flowers in layers.

2. Organize the flowers by placing them how you'd like to see them when they're done. I usually made mine with 3-4 layers, obviously with the bigger ones in the back, but sometimes I'd get creative.

3. Stick the brad through to hold the flowers together.

4. Take your ribbon and glue it around the double prong metal hair clip. I burned the edges of the ribbon after I glued it with a lighter so it wouldn't fray.

5. Stick the brad through the middle of the ribbon and between the two metal prongs of the hair clippy, open the brad accross the other side to keep it in place.


If you want you can add the clippy to a crocheted headband. I use to make them but when I realized I had to make like 100 of these things I ordered some on eBay for a great deal! I prefer to pay less than $0.50/ headband, and there's a shop I buy them from for about $0.41 each with free shipping!
You can also make a headband if you have extra pantie hose around, just cut it off at the right length and sew the two ends together. Stick the clippy flower where it's stitched together and TADA!!!

Check out my models:

I probably spent about $45 to make about 60 flower headbands (more than that in clippes) and I still have lots of leftover flowers, but that's because I bought some of the more expensive Petaloo flowers at first, and didn't buy as many from the dollar store. That's about $0.75/ headband! Granted, buying the supplies in bulk helps.

Sadly Spawnie won't have all 60 to herself, she actually has about 2, but I'm hoping once these are all mailed off I'll get to making more just for her... I'm thinking, one for every day/outfit and who knows, maybe one day I'll sell these.

I ended up having a few extra flower hair clippies and I'll give two of them to of you!

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