Friday, May 7, 2010

Article from an Expert } What to look for in a nursing bra

“What to look for in a nursing bra”
By Alison Kramer, Owner of Nummies

There is nothing like the experience of expecting a new baby. Such an exciting time filled with wonder, and excitement. Pregnancy is also a time filled with questions and unknowns. What will it be like to have a baby? Do we have all the things we need to welcome our little one home? What can we do, read, learn to prepare?

Truly the list is endless. The great thing for you is that there are so many amazing resources available to you. You really will be ready to be a new parent!

For my part, I would love to share with you a little bit about nursing bras and how to find the right bras for you. First, simply look at three things: Fit, Function and Fashion. These three simple things will help you choose the right bra for you.

Fit is probably the most important. When you are nursing, your breast size can fluctuate many times during the day. Remember this when you are trying on bras; consider when you last fed your baby and also leave room for a nursing pad. Fit should always be comfortable and supportive. Today nursing bras are made in the highest quality fabrics to provide you with the quality of fit that you need.

How is a nursing bra different from a regular bra? (a question I am asked A LOT by the way). Well, a nursing bra does something! Along with all of the things a regular bra does, it has some unique functions related to helping make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable.

Your nursing bra will be used countless times. Strong clips, easy to adjust straps are critical. Some nursing bras open from snaps or zippers at the centre or below the cup, while others open at the top of the cup. There are soft cup bras designed to be lifted above the breasts or pushed to the side. The choice is yours, since all openings have their benefits and offer variety.

More important than where the opening is found, is the ease of opening and the quality and strength of the clip, zipper, or snap. The bra will be opened many many times—and it is very important that you be able to unfasten and fasten the bra easily, since you will often be doing so with your hands full.

Lastly, fashion cannot be overlooked. You can have a beautiful nursing bra! There are many options for fashion. Fabric types, color, and bras that have lace and other accents are wonderful. Have a look around and find a bunch of bras that are beautiful, comfortable and make you feel great.

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