Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Spawnie: Thanks for Making Me A Mother

Dear Little LadyBug,

It's my first Mother's Day thanks to you. ... I think. Well, we're counting it as my Mother's Day even though you're not born yet.

I had a long night at work last night and had totally forgot about the holiday. I got home close to midnight and your daddy was up and excite to see me. When he opened the door for me he rubbed my belly and told me Happy Mother's Day. I had totally forgotten it was the next morning!

He gave me pretty purple flowers and my FAVORITE... Chocolate covered strawberries!! I had to stop myself from eating them all, and save some for actual Mother's Day today.
You must have loved them too because you were bouncing around in my belly all night.

Last night, I was talking to my mom, your grandma about when she was pregnant with me and she said I was "kicking kicking kicking" then her water broke! I'm not sure if babies can actually break your water by moving so much but you move so much that I sometimes wonder if you're just as excited to come out as I am to having you out!

My dreams about you have changed. I haven't had a dream about you being here lately, but me still being pregnant with you. I try SO HARD to imagine what you'll look like when you come out but I just can't picture it! It's so hard to imagine! I wonder if your eyes will be blue like your daddy's, or brown like mine. Or could it be possible they'll be a mixture, and be light brown?
Will you have hair?! I sure hope so! I want you to have lots and lots of curly hair! I had a lot of hair when I was born. I think hair makes girls look more girly. But it's ok if it takes awhile to come in, don't worry, you'll get it eventually. Then you'll have everyone telling you what EVERYONE tells me: "You have SO MUCH hair!!"

Will your skin be dark like mine, light like your dads or a mixture? But even if it is a mixture, will you be more on the lighter or darker side? I don't think other moms have as many variables to dream about as I do, so it's so hard to really think what you'll look like.

I kinda wish we had gotten the 3D ultrasound so I'd at least know what your face looks like, but your daddy says we'll be all the more surprised when you get here. I guess that's true, it'll be a great surprise to see what you look like for the first time!

We are 33 weeks this week! Going on 34. Just 4 more weeks until you're full term "done" as people as work keep saying: "it's done" and you'll be healthy enough to come out. Some people think you'll be born in July, not June, but can I ask you pretty please to come in June?! I really like June, it's half way from my birthday, halfway from Christmas (your due date is exactly the half way mark from then) and your birthstone will be pearl!
July... Well, July isn't so bad but I just have gotten use to the idea of June. Plus I REALLY want you to be born on the 23rd. So try for that ok? We'll have to step up our prenatal yoga a little bit and see if that helps any.

You may weigh about 4 pounds this week... FOUR pounds! Wow, you're growing fast! I'm waddling a lot more, and I can't help it. I try to stop waddling but then I'm sure I look even crazier for trying to hard NOT to waddle.

You're also probably about 17 inches long now, which is a pretty darn good length. I was long at birth... 22 inches!

Well, your mommy loves you baby girl. I can't wait to meet you in less than two months! So much to look forward to, and SO much to do before then! Don't worry, I'll be keeping myself busy in case you DO decide to show up in July.

Thanks for making this my first Mother's Day, and for being such a great baby already. Keep growing.


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you Mamas, Mamas-to-be and Future Mama's out there! We're all mother's by design and I hope you enjoy this day!

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