Saturday, May 15, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower: A Week of Giveaways

Baby Makin(g) Machine
I didn't want to do a BIG BIG baby shower event cause of the stress of organizing it all, plus with work and ya know... A baby on the way, I figured doing my Full Term of Giveaways, and hosting a giveaway once a week would be substantial. But there's a few other companies that I want to squeeze in before LadyBug is born and this next week just seemed like the perfect time to do it! Especially since the remainder of my giveaways before she's born are all AWESOME. I'm talking things from belly casts, to home cleaning services, to pre-packed hospital bags, and home decor.

I'm not a full blown mommy giveaway blog, but I think a little celebration from time to time isn't so bad. The last one we had for finding out Spawnie's gender was fun, and this one will be a little bit smaller but just as fun.

To celebrate LaduBug's impending arrival Monday-Friday next week I'll be taking a break from normal blog posts (except for my on my Project Pregnancy blog) and doing a couple of giveaways a day. One of the giveaways each day will be a BIG prize, worth anywhere from $50-$170. I'm not going crazy, this isn't going on for weeks and it's a smaller scale, but I think it'll be the perfect length and size for my style.

You can get an extra entry to each of the giveaways by posting a comment RSVPing on this post. They'll also be extra entries for leaving some advice for Ladybug or myself as we start our lives together. I'm going to print out the "advice cards" later.

Ok so, what do you think? Will you join me? Here are all of the giveaways!

By the way, my adorable animated giveaway button was made by Jessica from A Blog to Brag About!