Monday, September 20, 2010

Uppa Baby 2010

When I heard that the Uppa Baby 2010 stroller was $200 off for a limited time it reminded me that I should do a blog post about my stroller. I was thoroughly confused as to what stroller would be best for me. It's quite an investment, and it's something that I wanted to REALLY love. I've got to use the Uppa Baby 2010 for our little one and here is our review of it for you, so you can make an informed choice yourself!

First of all, the stroller comes with a bassinet, that was PERFECT for when Baby O was a newborn. We strolled him around and he slept peacefully in the bassinet. I was pretty darn excited when we moved in to the next seat, which is what you will see pictured all below.

I took some photos after a walk around the neighbourhood and we parked in the garden.

Being in the city, I do a lot of walking around to retail stores. The stroller is slim enough to fit within aisles, but has awesome storage for carting things home. I've walked to the grocery store and piled in our groceries into the bottom compartment, and I've also carried home huge purchases and diapers from the big box stores that I walk to as well. Enough about how it's awesome for my purchases. How about the comfort for my little one.... I love him to see the trees as we walk down the street, but sometimes it's too bright or I want him to sleep, so the different hood positions are awesome....

This stroller is being used daily in our household, and even IN our house. I'll bring the stroller into the house and the little guy will sit in it extremely happy as I put away the groceries we got while on our walk. Now, I could take pictures of every single thing I love about this stroller but here are some of my highlights, and I also encourage you to read more about the stroller online here.

  • It folds up REALLY easily to get it into our car. And we had a Mini Cooper, so if it fit into that, it will fit into ANYTHING.
  • Includes both bassinet and seat! Loved that
  • Reversible seat and 4-position seat angle adjustment including new upright position. (This I have heard is nicer than the 2009 version, where there isn't a seat position so that the child sits upright, which was a major annoyance in the 2009 version, which they have updated in this one)

Additional purchases to go with this stroller that I recommend.

The Uppa Baby 2010 doesn't come with a cup holder. And as a coffee drinker, this was a must. I personally recommend the Valco Cup Holder to go with this stroller. The Valco Cup holder is sturdy and keeps my coffee (that I cherish on my walks) in place. Available online & in-store here

I was trying to save money and didn't buy this adaptor right away. But within a month of Baby O arriving I realized how silly it was for me to not buy this. This adaptor makes it so that we can take our stroller into the car with us, and when we get to a mall, for example, we take our infant car seat (Perego Primo Viaggio SIP) and pop it onto the stroller with the adaptor. It means that Baby O isn't being manhandled a lot, and sometimes he's sleeping and I don't want to wake him.

There you have it! My little review on the Uppa Baby 2010 Stroller, and until September 30th, you can save $200 on it which is pretty awesome!!