Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cuddle Genes


I admit it: I'm always trying to see myself in Westley. I think every parent does this to one degree or another, searching that tiny, living mirror for similarities in appearance, behavior, likes and dislikes.

I also still have trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that I made him. Like, INSIDE MY BODY. (How? Wha-? @#$%!?) And part of me thinks that's less alien-sounding - and less Alien-sounding - if Westley and I share some traits.

Well, I found out today that we cuddle the same.

Almost inevitably, somewhere between getting in bed and falling asleep, Rob and I end up lying on our sides, facing each other. And whenever this happens, my right leg, my "top" leg, finds its way on top of Rob. It's easier to do than describe. Imagine the leg equivalent of putting your arm around someone.

I can't imagine when Westley would've had an opportunity to see me do this. But this afternoon, he snuggled up to me, rolled onto his side, and - thud - set his "top" leg on both of mine.

Couldn't've done it better if I tried.