Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fashion - Monday

I realize it's been quiet(ish) 'round these parts. I've been staring down a big ol' heap of mental clutter. Putting together a comprehensible paragraph seems incredibly challenging right now. And a blog post? Out of the question.

Since I've been at a total loss for words, I was excited to see that Emery Jo would be hosting Fall Fashion Week, bloggy-style!

Summer Fashion Week was more fun than I expected, and it gave me a great excuse to focus on my "outsides" for a while. I truly believe that we can take care of our insides by taking care of our outsides, but I often forget that I truly believe it. Right now I could really use some inside-care in the form of sweaters and leggings and knee-high boots. So I was thrilled about Fall Fashion Week. Thrilled, that is, until I realized...I have nothing to wear. Nothing blog-worthy, anyway.

The truth is that I do Fall (and Winter, and rain-soaked Spring) in this one knee-length gray sweater coat. I was totally unsure about it when I bought it, but I wear it with everything. I've been known to wear it with pajamas, even. I have fallen into a serious Fall-fashion rut.

Here's my first attempt to dig myself out. With a different gray sweater. (Oh, well.)


This circle sweater has no buttons or clasps or anything, and I tend to wrap it around myself like a blanket.

Sweater - Thrifted
Striped top - Thrifted
White tank top (barely visible) - Target
Jeans - Cheap Monday (Urban Outfitters)
Silver flats - Bandolino, thrifted
* * *

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