Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fashion - Sunday

No costume for me today. I'm not much of a Halloweener. Even when I was a child, I wasn't big on the holiday. And now, while I'm happy to bring vegan treats to your party, I have trouble getting into the spirit.

Last year, the Seattle Symphony played the score to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho live while the film showed on the big screen. And I couldn't not go! Because, well, that's only one of my absolute favorite films. (And I was a bassoon-playing orchestra dork through the eighth grade.) So Rob and I had an unusual Halloween night date. And this is what I wore:


It's kind of impossible to photograph these shoes, but let me assure you - they're awesome.

Sunday Sunday Sunday
Dress - Forever 21, thrifted
Necklace - Vintage, gifted
Tights - Goodwill
Shoes - Rocket Dog
* * *

So that's it! Another Fashion Week over and done with. A huge thank you to Emery Jo for hosting, and to all of you for your kind words and inspiration.