Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fashion - Tuesday

What does a city(ish) girl wear to visit the farm? Why, an owl with tentacles, of course!

See the smirk? Yeah, I don't take this one very seriously.

No one saw this outfit, unfortunately. It was absolutely icy out, so I covered the whole thing with my vintage brown leather trench coat. I didn't take a picture of the coat, but I really should have. It's my go-to cold-and-rainy day outerwear.

Brown cardigan - Thrifted
Orange top - Thrifted
Octo-Owl tunic tank/babydoll dress - Deadworry, gifted
Jeans - Lucky, thrifted
Boots - Frye, thrifted (with mud stains from Fairbank Farm)
* * *

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