Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Cutie Pa Tutu

Oh how I dreamed if the days long before having my daughter. I saw myself dolling her up and snapping photos. And now here I am, living that exact scenario almost daily. It's addicting. And the nice thing is she loves it too, and when we're done she's so pooped and ready for a long nap!
cutie pa tutu baby
People joked with me before having my daughter and said she wouldn't get to wear all the clothes I was getting for her. Little did they know me! Lil' J has a new outfit on every day, and sometimes we do outfit changes midday, just because. We're getting use out of these clothes, that's for sure!

I'm a girlie girl and I imagine she'll grow up to be a tomboy because of all of the bows and dress froofroo I'm putting her in, she may be sick of by the time she's old enough to pick her own clothes.

Yesterday evening I took her out in the front yard and snapped a few photos in one of our favorite tutus.
cutie pa tutu 2
I make a lot of her tutus myself, but I can't make them this cute, filled with the bright adorable little pom poms inside (so she can't eat them), and a bow facing correctly. This one is by Cutie Pa Tutus and it was specially made for her. The Ladybug theme goes perfect with her quilt, made by Lil' J's great-grandma, and her nickname.

Cutie Pa Tutus also recently launched their new adorable pa tutu onesies line with bling like this one, and they're just as affordable as their tutus. You can also get 20% off right now through the 15th by using the code: "babymakin".So here we were, my daughter in I. Lying on the grass, and playing. The sun was setting so the lighting was great, and I snapped a photo capturing this beautiful moment between my daughter and I. My eyes teared and my heart swelled when I looked down at my camera display showing my sweet little girl.
cutie patutu
It blows my mind how fast my she is growing, and how much time we have yet to experience together, I pray, in this life, and know in the life to come.

I've always heard people say children are a blessing but I didn't realize exactly what they meant until I had my own.

I am so blessed. I'm living the dream.

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