Sunday, October 10, 2010

They Weren't Lying, These ARE Waterproof-- Cloth Diaper Experiment Day 5

I must admit, one thing that definitely has cloth diapers ranking over disposables in my book is the fact that we have not had one blow out since the switch.

We've had a couple of close calls. See, before, with disposables every morning following her morning feed fest she poops a TON. She doesn't poop while she sleeps, so I guess it gets all stockpiled up for her morning dump. We're usually downstairs watching Say Yes to the Dress before my evening news shift. I'll start to hear the thunder from down under and next thing I know, my thighs are all wet and the poop came from her diaper. Either out through her legs or up her back or stomach. It's gross. And if I may have been worried about cloth diapers being gross before, but, really--this isn't much different.

Every morning with my Sprout Change diapers we've gone through the same morning routine. Go downstairs, I make my oatmeal, we watch Say Yes to the Dress, (and you think by now I'd take her to the toilet since I'm know what's next) but today--and the rest of the week for that matter--when I've heard the squirts and farts nothing comes out!

We have close calls at times, with it going up the font of her diaper or the back of her diaper but it always stays inside the diaper. *knock on wood*

Sometimes a little poop gets on the shell but that's it. It's doesn't escape. So just for fun (I know, I'm a little weird) I decided to see if these Sprout Change covers really were waterproof. So I did an experiment. I was so impressed with the results I didn't think anyone would believe me if I just told you so I decided to reenact it for you via video!

Today Little J has been in a MUCH better mood. She was so happy this morning even after I put her cloth diaper on and my husband says she was happy all day. We think she's finally getting used to them (or maybe she was just missing me after we had a weekend together, I'm still not sure which theory is true). I also left out the FuzziBunz all in one pocket diaper Gina aka The Feminist Breeder gave me at BlogHer for my husband to try during her nap today and guess what?... He said it worked GREAT! She hasn't been able to sleep long in her diapers because the wetness keeps waking her up. My husband said she napped for two hours today! That's the first long nap she's had since being in cloth diapers.

He said the diaper weighed a ton when she woke up from the nap but it didn't feel wet. So he threw it in the pail and we'll wash it tomorrow with the rest of our Sprout Change diapers. So, now I'm thinking I should buy one or two more FuzziBunz diapers to use during nap time so we can wash them every 2-3 days. He asked how much they cost and when I told him $20+ shipping he said "No way!" It is hard buying one diaper for the cost of an entire bag but we just have to remember that we can wash and reuse, over and over and over for years... And hopefully two (or three?) kids! You can't do that with a pack of diapers.

So I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a brand new pink one, or get a used one from someone. I know... It sounds gross. But you can strip them so they're all clean, and some people only use them a time or two. It may sound yucky but if I really want to try to be more green I should consider this. I mean really, what's better for the environment? I can save one more cloth diaper from being bought brand new and eventually ending up in a landfill.

Now I just have to find someone who isn't charging $15 for a used diaper. I mean come on people, just it looks clean doesn't mean you can charge $17 for something you paid $20 for. Not fair! I have to be REALLY trusting if I'm buying a diaper your kid crapped in. Plus, whose saying you didn't clean your toilets with it... Just saying. Give me a deal people!

More on my recycling cloth diapers experiment later!