Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Months and Growing Strong

Dear Baby,

Boy oh boy little girl, you have developed quite a personality! You know what you want when you want it. So much so that you've grown into two new little nicknames: Diva and Drama Queen. You are so happy and cheerful about 90 percent of time time, but the thing is you LOVE being around people and seeing what's going on. So when it's time for you to go to bed you don't want to. Especially if you know we're staying up. So you get overly tired and cry, until we turn off the lights and pretend we're going to bed too. Sometimes I just give in and go to bed early too.
We used to be able to walk around a store with you in your carrier and you'd fall asleep in a short while, now you stay awake no matter how long it takes, and don't fall asleep until we're in the car.

We've started mommy and me yoga and you love the classes. You are the loudest and most talkative in the class. I think you get that from me. You laugh and smile when you see the other babies, and I can tell you just love being around people.

You've started to grab things. It seems to have happened overnight. It seemed like one day I was telling your daddy we should shake rattles in front of you so you could reach for them, and the next day you were picking things off my plate, trying to put it in your mouth, tossing things off the couch near you, and everything else. You also found your feet and it's the CUTEST thing when you curl up and grab your toes. You haven't put them in your mouth yet--Not on your own at least. I put them in your mouth once to help you. It looked like that was what you wanted. But we haven't done that again since.

I also saw you sucking your thumb today which was so cute.

You don't hate your car seat as much as you used to. If I sing the ABCs to you, you stop crying. That works about 50 percent of the time. You seem to really like my singing, so we do that a lot.

You reached out and pet Snoop this week. I think he appreciated that. I think one day you two will be best friends.

You and your daddy have been enjoying your quality time together. He's doing a good job with you and I miss you two so much when I'm at work. I call home and can hear you laughing in the background and it makes me so sad that I'm missing those moments. Someday it won't be that way. It's nice now though because your daddy helps out SO MUCH. Of course all day while I'm at work, then he gets a break when I get home, then at night before bed be gives me a little break and tries to get you to go to sleep (that's what he's doing right now but you're being a bit stubborn).

Your pediatrician says we can start some solids now, and I was thinking if giving you some rice cereal or oatmeal for your four month birthday today but I didn't get around to it. I'm debating waiting until six months but I'm just so excited to see what you think! You also seem so ready to try. We'll see. Maybe we'll wait another month or so.

You still love mama's milk. Or just mama. Sometimes I'll get home and even though you JUST ATE, you'll want to nurse anyway. It's kind of funny to me but you're sporting those rolls really well so I don't mind. We're still doing well with breastfeeding. WAY better than I thought we'd do. Your Daddy just wishes he had boobs so he could calm you as easily as I can.
This month we started using cloth diapers. There was quiet an adjustment period. I don't think you liked them at first. But now you don't seem to know the difference. In fact, I'd hope you like them a little better since it's softer. You look awfully cute in them, that's for sure! I can't believe we all are actually using and enjoying them. I think we'll stick with it for awhile.

You were the most adorable baby on Halloween. I made part of your Ladybug costume then I found an adorable cowgirl costume I had to get too. I figured it would me more comfortable than the ladybug one on Halloween. So Saturday you were a ladybug and Sunday you were a cowgirl, and we went around the block with your friend dressed up as a cow!
You, your dad and I watched fireworks afterwards. Your first fireworks show! I think you liked it.

Now I can't wait for Christmas. I can't believe it's next month. I said time and time again I wouldn't be one of "those moms" who buys their kids toys they don't need but I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts for you. Of course they'll all be educational *wink*.

These last four months have been the most exciting four months of my life, and every day you're doing something new that just makes me so excited. I can't blink or I'll miss something!

You've been such a treat to have in my life and we're so blessed to have you! I can tell you are just going to be the funniest kid when you get older because you just have a ridiculous amount of personality already. But then again, I think I knew that from the moment I saw you and you lifted your little head up to look at me as if you were saying "So THERE you are!"

Thanks for being the best. Keep it up!

I love you!