Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Big Decision

So after much debate and help from my readers, I have purchased a birthday dress for Juliet and one for Ainsley.

I chose......

For Juliet, the birthday girl. Even though I loved the white one, I could just picture how it would probably be ruined with the pizza and cake we will be having at the party. This dress is a dark blue (stains will not show) and it's girlie with the tulle skirt. I am sure she will be thrilled to wear it for her birthday. (Note to self, don't show her the dress until the day of her birthday or she will want to wear it)

I chose this dress for Ainsley as I think the eyelets are adorable. It's a bit more muted than Juliet's and can see it being worn with a shirt underneath for school as well. Therefore I will get more use out of it. Oh, and it was on sale! A total plus :)

I will be sure to post pictures of the girls wearing their new dresses.