Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Make Me Babies Had it SO Wrong!

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and re-read some of my old posts. That's when I happened upon this one. I was newly pregnant and curious what out unborn child would look like. Unfortunately, MakeMeBabies.com's suggested outcomes game me nightmares.

It made me laugh a little, how wrong it was. Ok, so my baby is A LOT lighter than I pictured, but she looks nothing like this...

Or this

or this

ok she does look a little like this

But nothing like THIS


Instead she came out much cuter. Well, depending on the time of day you catch her.

Look at your baby.

Now back at mine.

Now back to yours.

Now back to mine.

She's an alien. Sadly, yours isn't. But maybe she could be if you hung around radioactive buildings.

Now look down.

Back up.

Back down.
Where are you? You're visiting my blog. And my baby is a cyclops.

What's in your hand?

Now back to me.

Back down.

I have TWINS!

Look again.
They're a Siamese twins.

Anything's possible when you combine imagination, boredom and a baby's nap time.

We're a ying yang.