Saturday, January 29, 2011

365 Love Letters Week 4

I text messaged my mom this week making sure I had the phrase right in my latest love letter. "Kill them with kindness," like I tell Lil' J is something my mom taught me when I was younger. She said it's the best way to get back at someone who is being mean to you, and she wasn't lying.

This isn't to be confused with passive aggressiveness. That's when you beat around the bush and don't directly let the person know what you're trying to say. Killing with kindness is when you are overly nice to someone, even when they're being blatantly mean. It will either make them feel bad, or annoy the crap out of them. Take this for example...

You're driving down the road. You switch lanes and accidentally cut someone off. The wacko behind you now starts honking, speeds past you flipping you off and swearing out his window. You could yell back or ignore him but what's even better is when you act like you don't know he's mad and wave. Just look at him, give him a huge smile and wave ecstatically like he's a friend from school you haven't seen in ages. He'll probably get really confused and speed off to put their road rage on someone else. I think the picture I captured of Lil' J today to go with this message is perfect!

My mom couldn't believe I remembered her advice after all these years, she hardly remembered telling me. But it resonated with me, and I use this technique to this day. Besides, I've never been good at witty comebacks or cussing people out.

Remembering this advice from my mom made me even more excited to be making these little memos for my daughter. Hopefully we can both look back and smile at these little tokens I'm sharing with her. I've got almost one month down, 11 to go! Also, on Day 24 she got her first tooth, and on day 28 she got another! I figured I wouldn't take another tooth picture in the same week though, plus, it's hard to capture!

So here's week 4: