Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Mess That Just Won't Go Away

I estimate that 95% percent of the time my daughter Ainsley's (4) room looks like a bomb went off and then a hurricane blew in. I truly think her goal is to make sure that not one inch of carpet is showing. What's impressive is that she can get her room into this state in seconds! It is truly a skill. One that I wish she had not learned. Today's mess was no exception.

And every night we tidy up. There is space for all her toys. We have a dress up trunk, ample storage for toys, a basket for stuffed animals, and a large bookshelf. There is a place for everything. However, it seems that one must dump the basket over to find the one toy you are looking for. Or throw every single item of clothes out of the dress up box to find the perfect costume. And one can't just read one book, one must read them ALL.

I remain optimistic that the girls will one day grow out of their tasmanian devil stage and start to want a clean room. I hope it comes soon.