Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year A New Me

Every year I make a list of goals I have for the year. Cook more, eat less crap, exercise. It's the same routine. I'm still doing that, with hopes of following through fr once. But this year, here online, I thought I'd make a personal blog resolution: To keep it real.

More Photographs.

More interaction.

Less comparing myself and my blog to others.

More honesty.

Less big company reviews.

More supporting mom-owned shops.

Less arguing.

More passion.

More returning the comment love.

More giving back to charities (like we did for March of Dimes).

There are blogs I LOVE to read. And every time I visit them I leave smiling and refreshed that there are still bloggers like this and this (and there are so many more but these are a couple of my many favorites).

When I go through my reader I see posts full of reviews, giveaways, pleas for more subscribers, and advertisements. I got swept up in this movement this year. It began to consume me. Not in 2011.

Now, if a giveaway is included in a post it's at the bottom, in italics, and more discreet. If you leave a comment, you're entered. No hoops to jump through, there aren't a million ways to enter (because some people have all day to enter every way possible but most people don't) if you just comment on the post you can win, and there's maybe one way you can get an extra entry.

I was brought down by a handful of people on twitter, surrounding births of friends, my birth, decisions I was making regarding it, and how I've chosen to raise my child. I've found blogging about thinking about becoming a mom is much less controversial than decisions that come along with becoming a mother.  I let it get to me, but I won't in 2011.

I can't sensor and alter every line I type for fear someone will misread it the wrong way and think I'm talking about them. I can't write in fear of offending. Or worry a joke toward myself will be taken the wrong way. I'd never intentionally hurt someone, but I can't waste precious time trying to correct every single misunderstanding.

I won't sugarcoat things. Actually, I think I'm good at not pretending like my life is perfect. That would be hard to fake.

I'm coming back next year. Stronger. Happier. Unafraid.

I'm gonna do me.

Happy New Year.