Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week One - Success!

Last week was a good one. We made all the recipes I had listed on my menu plan and they were delicious! The recipes were easy to make and it made me feel better that our family was eating a very well rounded diet with new tastes. Juliet loved the fish and the enoki mushrooms (to my surprise). For this week I am using recipes from Rose Reisman and here is what I have planned for our dinners:

1. Fillet of Beef with Creamy Sesame Sauce
2. Chicken Chili with Barley and Black Beans
3. Salmon Stuffed with mixed olives and Sundried Tomatoes
4. Make your own pizza

I'm also planning on making a Fig and Cinnamon Loaf for snacks and for side vegetables Roast Onions and Sweet Potato and Yellow spilt pea soup with Goat cheese.

I still haven't signed up at a gym mainly because while I was sick with the flu, I bruised my ribs and they still hurt!

This week's goal is to go to Zen Beginnings and meet with a nutritionist to get tips on how I can boost my immune system.