Tuesday, January 18, 2011

While Reorganizing the Pantry...


I found:
  • two storage containers without lids
  • one lid without a storage container
  • Halloween candy
  • two glass canisters lying on their sides, because they're too tall to stand up inside any of my cupboards
  • the cheesecloth I swear I'd already used up
  • more whole wheat couscous than I can imagine my pasta-loving guys ever finishing
  • four jars of baby food, including one that expired in 2009 (which means we went to the trouble of moving it when we bought our current house!)
  • two given-up-for-lost shot glasses
  • a strip of tofu jerky from our trips last spring
But now...


Okay, so it's not that impressive. And I really should tidy up and wait for some natural light the next time I take a picture of my dining nook to post on the Internet. (And yes, the books were arranged by color for a while and then I gave up.) But it makes me smile every time I look at it.


* * *
My "bookshelf pantry" was inspired by this much more elegant arrangement by Kim of Desire to Inspire. I don't miss very much about our old living space, but the kitchen - with its pull-out pantry - was so lovely. But when I saw Kim's photo I got so excited, because, hey, I have those canisters! and now, my bulk bin staples aren't overflowing out of tiny cabinets. Hooray!